Saturday 18th August


It was another day of providing more ‘personal services’ than serving paying customers today.

An early caller on the phone wanted to know the telephone number on one of the adverts in the window.

Robbie needed the end of his strap on the back of his baseball cap tucking in.


Tim from the Exeter Inn was about to leave when someone came and asked for directions to Cleave Cottages.

As I thought the cottages were just a bit further along from the pub I told the chap “Follow that man!”.

A chap came in and said he had just moved to Bampton and wanted to place a regular order for a magazine for his daughter.

“Can I order the Billy Bones magazine please?

“Sorry, you will need to ask at Costcutter” I replied.

I wondered what Billy Bones was……via Google I found out that …

“How your body works” is an educational magazine, while Billy Bones is a child-sized model with insides of a human being. The magazine written for children helps them to understand their bodies. Each issue gives information on different parts of the body instructions for assembling the skeleton of Billy Bones.

The recent weather caused the cancellation of the Brompton Regis Horse show today and so they have quickly relocated to the village hall to put on some sort of day for the locals.



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