Monday 20th August


Local plumber Andy Hole was working somewhere up Mary Lane and in the middle of the morning when he came back to his van he popped into the shop.

I thought he was coming in to see when I was paying the bill for him putting in a new radiator for us a couple of weeks ago, but no he came for a chat about football.

For some reason he seemed to think I went to watch Exeter City but I told him I didn’t and I had been to watch Tiverton Town (nil-nil) on Saturday.

I said I would be going to see Exeter city lose on the 15th September when they play my team.

As he was chatting in the doorway a customer stopped to ask him if was going round to her house to fix her shower.

He said he would be calling in later.

Andy left and the customer came up to the counter and said she hadn’t had a shower for a week.

“I wondered what the smell was” I replied.

“I have been having a bath” she replied indignantly.

The discussion with all the customers in the shop at the time then focussed on whether people preferred a bath or a shower. The majority went for a shower.

It’s the getting into the bath that puts people off as sticking ones extremities in hot water is painful.

The Post office computer system broke down this afternoon and we could not serve anyone for about 45 minutes.

It’s surprising how many customers come in when the system is down and you have to disappoint them. The majority of customers were okay though and would call back another time.


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