Tuesday 21st August

I have sad news to report if you haven’t heard it already.

After I finished the blog yesterday I had a look around my ‘favourites’ websites.

One of my favourites just happens to be the Daily Telegraph.

You may think I’m strange as I check out who has died but often you don’t get to hear of some people you know as they are not always reported on the TV news.

Yesterday was a shock as the singer of my favourite song of all time, San Francisco, had died and I didn’t know.

Scott McKenzie  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/culture-obituaries/music-obituaries/9488472/Scott-McKenzie.html

When we went on a coach tour of California several years ago the driver and courier had a vast CD collection and everywhere we went they would put on music relevant to the area.

As we drove down into San Francisco they put on Scott McKenzie – brilliant!

It you want to watch the video of the song then click on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLYJDinDIfw

I didn’t spend a lot of time in the Post Office today as I went to Taunton to watch some cricket.

The time of the first sandwich wasn’t my concern today as it was more of what time the first pint.

I checked around me in the stand and no one was on the beer but after 3 overs I just had to go to the bar.

I walked into the members bar and the only people I could see were on the tea and coffee.

I ordered a pint of Exmoor Ale , in a plastic ‘glass’ as I was drinking outside, and asked “Am I the first?”

“No” came the reply to make me feel better.

It was pleasantly warm and a new arrival sat in front of me after lunch and plastered himself with sun cream about 2:30.

At 3pm it chucked it down and that was it for the day.

I told the chap in front that it was his fault.



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