Thursday 23rd August



Today was the day we were due to have our new pin pads installed.


We were asked to tidy up behind the counter to help the engineer gain better access.


As I was sorting out my side of the counter I lost a couple of the clips holding up my shelf that the printer sat on which meant I had to hold it up above the main processor.


As I was grovelling around the dusty cables looking for the clips in walks the engineer!


Evidently he wasn’t too concerned about the tidying up but having started the cleaning up I was left holding the baby (well, shelf anyway).


I had to borrow clips from elsewhere to balance the shelf but could I find where I had put the spare bag of clips? Of course not.


Half an hour or so later two new spanking pin pads were in place and our first guinea pig came in.



I left them to it – trying to look for the slot for the card at the top of the machine.


The customer soon spotted that it wasn’t there and I said “You have to stick it up the bottom now”.


I said it with a straight face.


We had good fun today getting the customers used to the new pin pad.


Some just got on with it without any help or comment whilst others were completely Ben Ainslie (all at sea!).


More fun for the next week I would think till all our regulars have been through the process.


Later in the morning I had a conversation through the window with one of our regulars who was taking his grandson for a walk.



As a QPR supporter he communicated that he was unhappy at his team’s 5 nil loss at home at the weekend.


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