Friday 24th August


I made the decision to not go and watch the cricket today as the forecast was poor (again).

It was a good decision as what promised to be an exciting finish (yes, this was a 4 day match) was ruined by rain.

I was given feedback on my comment from earlier in the week about the poor reception in my car.

It isn’t solely my old radio and bent aerial that gives poor radio performance in Devon & Somersetl as it appears to be a general issue.

We do not have digital radio around here so it’s pretty poor that we do not get better reception.

I think part of our BBC TV licence fee covers this so we need to complain.

Friday is Ring & Ride bus day.


Normally I get a wave from the people on the bus as it passes by but not today.

Our new neighbours started to use the bus today so it stopped outside.

I hadn’t noticed it was there but as I turned around I caught people waving out the corner of my eye.

It is good that these facilities for people with mobility problems are in place so they can be picked up and dropped off at home

I found these Gladioli fallen over in the garden as they had been knocked over by the vines and the wind.


I plonked them in an Ikebana vase and hey presto we have a flower display.

“Ikebana” is from the Japanese ikeru (生ける?, “keep alive, arrange flowers, living”) and hana (?, “flower”). Possible translations include “giving life to flowers” and “arranging flowers” [1].

We sell the vases in our shop and you can also buy online .

Late in the day these cyclists called in to get some money as they had just finished several days of riding and had called into to see Paul Cartwright for a massage which they thought was fantastic.


They had planned to cycle to Lands’ End but were thinking of not going as far and spending more time sightseeing.

I disappointed them by saying the weather forecast for Saturday and Monday was atrocious.


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One Response to Friday 24th August

  1. Lesley Prior says:

    Never ceases to amaze me Bruce what a variety of a) things you sell, and b)life trips over your door mat! See you tomorrow morning with a cashmere parcel to post!


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