Saturday 25th August



Last week we were informed that we were able to order the Olympic Gold Medal stamps that were issued to main post offices the day after each medal was won.

The stamps come as a minisheet of 6 stamps for each of the winners and they have to be ordered in multiples of 4.


When I was out of the shop having lunch one day last week a customer (let’s call him Mr Pearwasp for the purpose of this story) came in and ordered a full set of all 29 winners.

The cost for the full set is £104.40 so I had to place an order for 4 sets of each as that is how they are delivered.

The Post Office ordering system is not the best design I have seen and each of the 29 sheets had to be ordered independently so it only took me about 20 minutes!

The stamps arrived on Thursday and we split off one full set for Mr P so they were ready for him.

We have sold about half a dozen minisheets so far so I need to do some advertising to shift the rest I guess.

This morning Mr P came in to post a couple of letters so he purchased a couple of stamps and we completed the transaction.

I then asked Mr P if he still wanted a full set of the Gold Medal stamps and I explained he needed to buy 6 stamps of each of the 29 winners and he asked how much that would cost.

“One hundred and four pounds and forty pence” I replied.

He coughed and spluttered and said that if you could buy only one stamp of each he might have been interested.

I explained that the stamps are self-adhesive but are not perforated so cannot be split up.

He then left the shop.

I said to my other half ”Charming, I only ordered the whole set of winners because he wanted them”.

She replied “It wasn’t him that asked for them it the other Mr Pearwasp!”

It did explain his vagueness during my conversation.

As I closed up the shop there was nice old car parked outside.


A great vehicle for going to the chippie in!

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