Bampton Open Day


Bampton OPEN day and we were closed.

I had to choose between football and cricket.

The football was postponed because the opponents at Tiverton, Taunton, had to prioritise their FA Cup replay over a league game.

Cricket, well when you checked the forecast and looked out of the window at 8 o’clock and saw it pouring down it didn’t seem worth the effort to go.

Third choice was to ‘enjoy’ Bampton Open Day.

When I went for my paper, Racing Post, at 8am Mike was already getting ready to sell tickets for the duck race.


He had lashed his brolly to the post box and was sat sheltering as he waited for customers.

He turned down the offer of a hot drink as I think he preferred his cigar.

I ventured out just before 11 o’clock as it seemed a good idea to cheer off the runners in the 10k race from the Quarrymen’s Rest.

To cheer the runners I had to buy a pint of Otter and raise the glass as the klaxon sounded to start the race.

And they are off.


Can you spot the current football league player and the ex Bampton football player. Image

They set off together but finished many minutes apart.

Finally Chris set off, he didn’t look as keen as the dog!


I had to have another pint to raise to the runners as they completed the race.

I left the pub to check out the going for the duck race.


As I then wandered around the town I spotted this dog in the window of the White Horse (closed until demolished) and I wondered ‘How Much?’


My other half was helping serve refreshments at the hall and selling entries to the nature quiz.

We met up after 2pm and ventured off to the Swan for a spot of lunch – nice curry.

The belly dancers were performing in the pub as the weather outside was dreadful.

We left the Swan to go and watch the teddy bears being parachuted from the top of the church tower.


This teddy launched fine.


Unfortunately a gust of wind blew ted onto the roof and he had to be rescued.

It was then time to go to the river to watch the Duck Race. Unfortunately I was a couple of minutes late and missed it!

They initially forgot to put someone in the river to catch the ducks so you may see some floating down the Exe in the next couple of days.


Time for a (another) drink after the duck race so back to the Quarrymen’s and guess who turned up?

Belly Dancers appeared again but this time we had ringside seats.


This small child was mesmerised by the dancer





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