Tuesday 28th August



Mr Pearwasp was in early this morning to collect his full set of Olympic Gold Medal winner stamps.

And then within 15 minutes another customer came in and bought a full set of stamps as well.

The weather in Bampton was grey, damp and miserable this morning but the sun did come out shortly before 10 o’clock which was better as I was going to the cricket.

The forecast was for a high of 17 degrees with a passing shower (I said passing) so I thought it might be a tad chilly later in the day so I put my shirt and cord trousers on then packed a jumper and rainmac in my bag.

When I got to Taunton and sat down to watch the cricket it was red hot and I wished I had put my T-shirt and shorts on.

My friend John was there again today and when the players went off to lunch we planned to go for a stroll around town.

He had some beer left in his glass so I said “drink up and we can go” but before he had time to sup the last few mouthfuls he managed to throw it all over the seats in front of him.

“Why have you done that?” I asked.

“A wasp landed on my wrist so I shook my arm to get it off but I forgot I had a beer in my hand” he explained.

It was a good job that the spectators in front of us had already left their seats.


John wiped down the cushions but as you can see he managed to get someone’s jacket.

I don’t think they noticed when they got back.

Kevin Pieterson, excluded from the England team today, was playing for Surrey and he was different class to the rest of them.

He scored 163 out of a total score of 317.

I managed to take a snap of him as he came out to bat after the tea interval.


As you can see it was tricky to get the whole of his head in the picture as it was bigger than even he thought it was!

It took longer to drive home and I blame the Olympics.

As we left Taunton, passing the Cotford St Luke, our trail of traffic caught up with what must have been the Taunton cycling club out for an evening ride and there must have been about 30 of them.

I bet there were never that many before the Olympics.

The car sitting behind the group of cyclists could not, would not, overtake them so we had to follow them all the way to the Milverton roundabout and that was chaotic as some riders went left , some went straight on , some headed back towards Taunton and some just went round and round the roundabout.

Several continued on towards Wivvy where at last we had chance to overtake them.


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