Wednesday 29th August


I had already decided it was not going to be worthwhile having another day off to go to cricket as the forecast was for a rainy day.

How right I was as when I went for my paper at 7 o’clock it was raining hard and it continued to throw it down until about 9.

It rained on and off all day with a tremendous downpour about 3pm.

The cricket never started and was called off for the day at 2:45.

The highlight of the day was when Pete the Postie arrived with a package for me and I knew immediately what it was.

It was my 2013 Camra Good Beer Guide.

Good Beer Guide 2013

As a life member of Camra I can order a copy of the Beer Guide before its official release date.

I had a quick flick through the guide to check out Bampton.

As in the last few years the Exeter Inn was in the guide but this year we had new entry.


The Swan made its appearance for the first time so well done to them.

 Late in the day I found someone who had taken a snap at the Tiverton Balloon festival at the weekend.

Again the weather spoiled most of it but at least they had a burn up on Sunday evening.



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