Thursday 30th August

Thursday morning regular, George, was in early this morning and was serenading my other half.

He regularly bursts into song and tries out his best chat up lines with her.

I had a phone call this morning.

“Hello, I know you are not the information centre but can you help me please”

“I am on holiday for the week and staying locally. Overnight my baby had been sick and I need to wash some clothes. Is there anywhere in Bampton?”

I replied, “Yes, you have a choice. You can use the self-service Washateria behind Blackberries or you can use the new business in Brook Street, The Laundry Room, where Sarah will undertake a service wash for you”.

The information is part of the FREE service at the Post Office!

In fact several new businesses have started up in Bampton

We provide a Dry Cleaning service in our shop as we are agents for Johnson the Cleaners and we do a steady trade.

A customer brought some ancient curtains in today for dry cleaning and said that when they unpacked them from storage there were some moths inside so they put them in the deep freeze to help remove the moths before they brought them in for cleaning.

This evening I made batch of Bloody Mary Consommé so it will be ready when we entertain.

It’s really great especially when you serve to people with a shot of vodka so they can decide how much to add to their bowl of soup.

It is surprising how, at the end of the course, people offer to tidy away the plates and glasses and then how the left over vodka disappears between the dining room and the dishwasher.

It you want to try it here is the recipe.


1 small Red onion, peeled and quartered

1 peeled Clove of garlic

450g vine tomatoes, halved

1 tin plum tomatoes

400g pack chopped tomatoes in tomato juice

1 small beetroot, peeled and cubed

450 ml clear Chicken stock

1 Tbsp Tomato puree

Juice of ½ Lemon

Pinch of Chilli powder

Dash of Worcester sauce

Slug of Vodka


Place the first seven ingredients in a large pan, bring to simmer, cover and cook gently for 30 mins, stirring occasionally.

Cool slightly then strain through a fine sieve, using a wooden spoon to squeeze through all of the liquid.

Discard pulp left in the sieve, and return soup to pan.

Reheat, adding tomato puree, lemon juice, plus chilli powder and Worcester sauce to taste.

Serve with poppyseed twists and beetroot crisps, giving each guest a shot glass of vodka so they can add as much as they like.

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