Friday 31st August


Friday is Fish day and I popped down the street to buy some Bass from Frank.

On returning to the shop I found my other half searching through reopened mixed sweet bags and stripping out the bananas.

We had sold out of the bananas and a lady wanted some to decorate some buns she was making.

The things we have to do to please customers!

Katrina came in from the Toucan with a poster to advertise their new health and beauty treatment rooms.


They are having a supper and evening to meet the people providing the treatments.

Maybe my other half can take my mum along as there must be football on the telly that night.

I went to the cricket today which ended in a boring draw.

On the way from the car park to the ground you have to walk over the River Tone and there were some rowers out, practising for Rio no doubt.


All the talk in the crowd was about the ‘Mankading’ incident yesterday when an ex Somerset bowler ran out the batsman at the non-striking end as he came in to bowl.

This was not in the spirit of cricket.

Later in the day as it drifted to a draw the crowd only hung around waiting for the Surrey captain to come into bat so they could boo him – it didn’t happen.

I met a friend in town for lunch at Tournedos No 1  which is owned by a couple local to Bampton.

We often pop in for a meal when in Taunton for the theatre or cricket.

Give it a try when you are that way to remind you of your holidays on the med.

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