Monday 3rd September



Saturday’s blog, apologies but I never got around to it.

I was going to say that one of our regular customers nearly went headlong into the leet.

I just saw her out of the corner of my eye fall but luckily Dave from Costcutters and Phil managed to catch her in time and no doubt saved a 999 phone call for an ambulance.

We brought her into the shop and sat her down and gave her a drink (water as brandy is getting expensive these days).

She said her legs had stopped working properly but she didn’t want her hubby calling as she wanted to finish her shopping.

After 20 minutes or so she went off to do her shopping and later I spied her in Costcutter when trying to find a customer who had left her book of stamps on the counter.

I did ask my other half why she had not tried to sell her a walking stick before she left us!

Have you got a full set of the Olympic 50 pences?

We collected a couple of sets for ourselves and friends and it got a bit of a habit looking out for all 29 of them.

As I was addicted for some reason I have filtered them all out of the money we have and have been saving them for a rainy day.

A couple of customers have been in asking if we have any so this morning when a customer asked to have if I had any of the list of five she wanted I just gave her my pot of 300 coins and said have a look.

We are trustworthy aren’t we!

It is surprising what vehicles our customers arrive in.


Mr Biffa drops in every week to pay his rent while Mr Deere dropped in to tax his run-around.

This afternoon a lady came in with 3 small children and was treating them to sweets.

I got the short straw to serve them.

“Can I have 5 different 1p sweets in two bags please”?

“Of course” I did my best to reply.

Having done that child number 3 decided she wanted some 1p sweets as well as she was not allowed a 20p lolly.

So another bag of 5p sweets was put together.

“That will be fifteen pence please”.

“Thank you, do call again”.

Don’t you think it’s a bit stingy to ‘treat’ kids to 5 pence of sweets?

It took me 5 minutes to sell 15 pence of sweets, profit 5p,

Sixty pence an hour – who would do that? 

Not even Tesco suppliers work for that low price.

It was a nicer today and customers were saying how warm it was in the shop.

We were looking forward to 5:30 when we could shut up shop and race out in the garden to catch a few rays and a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc.

The not so good news is that at this time of year the sun goes down below the rooftops at 6:30.

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