Wednesday 5th September



After posting my blog last night I went to watch Tiverton Town play football.

Nobody told me they had changed the evening kick off times this season from 7:45 to 7:30.

I arrived just as they kicked off, although I did miss the first minute as I dashed into the bar to buy a pint.

As dusk set in the floodlights came into operation as you can see in the photograph.


At this point I thought about the last two football stadiums I visited which were slightly (!) different to Ladysmead.

Namely Wembley and the Nou Camp.


Tiverton won the game 2 nil.

A chap managed to perform a bit of Parisian parking on my car this morning.

Compare his parking against the one I snapped in Paris last year. ImageImage

A customer came in and asked if we had any white mice chocolate but we had sold out.

She was disappointed, not for herself but for her rabbit.

Her grandchildren had recently shared their white mice with the rabbit and he loved it, hence the visit to purchase more.

The rabbit which was wild had been adopted by our customer over 2 and half years ago.

It is blind in one eye and loves more snacks, Maltesers and Quavers are favourites.

It sleeps in the kitchen and has the run of the house. It is toilet trained.

A little time later we had a bit of a kerfuffle in the shop when a couple of ladies ‘had words’ for a couple of minutes.

They both, independently, later came to apologise for the incident.

Ralph shuffled in later in the afternoon – he has not been well for a while now – but he still expected his usual service.

I got the chair out so he could sit at the counter and relay his instructions to us.

He had two presents that he wanted my other half to wrap and post for him.

Fifteen minutes later he had been sorted out and he shuffled off.


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