Thursday 6th September


It was the first day at a new school today for some Bampton children as they got aboard the bus for Tiverton High School.

For some strange reason the non-first years were not expected at school until 11:30.

How parents sort this out is beyond me. I presume they expect the children to be driven there.

A few of the older ones decided to go on the school bus at 8:30 anyway to solve the problem.

The first years knew their place as the older ones clambered on to the bus first.

Tomorrow morning will be a bigger test for the new ones when all the kids go together.

A young lady, about 20, came in and asked for 3 first class stamps which she then stuck on her envelopes.

I said “Shall I take them from you and put them in my post bag?”

“No thank you as I like to post them in the box outside and give them a kiss as I do”.

“It’s a girlie thing” she said.

A couple of older ladies, over 20 by quite a lot, were chatting later about the things they used to do as a child.

“I used to make mud pies and dry them out on top of the Anderson shelter, then decorate them with daisies and buttercups. A neighbour then used to buy them from me for a ha’penny.”

“I used to cook bacon and eggs on top of a biscuit tin but never told my mother”

A family came in and were looking at the toys with their small children.

They decided on a water pistol that draws water into a tube then you just point and push.

They couldn’t wait until they got home so were outside filling up in the leet.


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