Friday 7th September

It was a late night last night.

It wasn’t planned but these things happen in a place like Bampton.

We set off for the Bampton Twinning meeting ( only 50 yards away) which started at 8pm.

The meeting was a bit more lively than normal so we didn’t start the fundraising (wine drinking!) until later than we usually do at 9 o’clock.

Yesterday there was an election for Bampton Town Council so at 9:45 we had to make our excuses to leave the twinning and wander up to the polling station in the Community Hall.

We put our X in the box and then we popped into the Swan for a quick one.

Well, quick ones in Bampton often take longer for some strange reason.

So we had a second, then some people from the twinning who were interested in the election result turned up so we had another one.

Just before 10:30 the newly elected councillor Brian Smith made an appearance and waved to the crowd


And someone bought me another drink, thank you.

By this time the pub had filled up and we were chatting away to other Bamptonians.

One’ local’ had just returned from Calgary (Canada) where he was born and was telling us that he had been backpacking for a couple of nights with his two very young boys.

They camped overnight next to a lake and they were the only people there.

We asked if he was worried about the bears but he wasn’t as he trained over there in the forests so he was use to coming face to face with bears.

His scariest moment came when he was close to a grizzly (the size of a Volkswagen) when some idiot behind him threw a stone at it.

He quickly retreated to his truck.

Another friend than spoke about one of her scariest moments in Bampton.

When it was sunny she often sunbathed without clothing but she knew her neighbour (a man of the cloth) would sometimes call round with a pre-dinner cocktail so she had to time it right to pop on the bikini before he peered over the wall.

She said the vicar chappie used his collar to advantage when on the train as he used to put his head out of the carriage window at boarding time as this would deter other travellers and then he would have a carriage to himself.

The bell for time rang and as we about to leave the newly elected councillor invited us back to his place for a celebratory drink and as it would have been rude to refuse, we tagged along.

We were home in bed by 1:30 a.m. and up as normal, bright and breezy for our customers at 8:30.

Today, we had lots of couriers arriving with many boxes of CHRISTMAS stock.

We had cards from several suppliers and lots of nice gifts from EAST OF INDIA.


After work, we dashed into the garden to get some of the sun that people had been moaning about all day. “It’s too hot” several customers said.

As we had not sorted out something to eat we ventured up to the Bridge as ‘Friday is Pie night’.


So it was back to where we were ‘earlier in the day’.

The owner Councillor Brian Smith was doing his day job, cooking our pies.


As a racing man I was interested to view the photograph on the wall which included a couple of great jockeys, namely Champion Flat jockey Doug Smith and his brother Eph Smith.


On Sunday the Deloitte cycle ride will be taking a break in Bampton and my other half has been trying to sort out the arrangements with them.

Some 300 cyclists will appear, have a break, then move on but we don’t have too much information about it.


The group will be leaving from Lands End on Saturday morning

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