Saturday 8th September


Just before closing last night a lady from Belgium came in looking for directions as the family had rented a place close to Bampton for a week but could not find it.

The place was a couple of miles down the Old Tiverton Road so we photocopied the relevant page from a map and gave it to her to help.

I presume it worked as when they walked past the Post Office this morning they gave me a smile and a wave.

One of our regular Saturday morning customers came in about 10:30.

As she normally is a person who dashes in before we close at 12:30 I said.

“You are early today for a change”.

“Yes, my husband is going away for a couple of days and he wants me back in time to make him a sandwich” she replied.

“Can’t he even manage to make himself a sandwich? “I said.

It sounds to me like he is spoilt.

The news about my stash of Olympic fifty pence swaps is getting around.

Yesterday a woman and her son came in for a look to find ones they had not got then today a family came in to get the final three they needed to complete their set.

In the post today I got my Injured Jockey Fund Christmas brochure.


I thought it quite poignant in the week that the IJF lost its President Lord John Oaksey

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