Monday September 10th

The Ring & Ride bus went by today but nobody waved to me.

I think the bus was empty so maybe nobody rang!

It was a day of confused messages.

A customer who knew Sam, who works for us, was having a general conversation.

Sam had processed a sale through the shop till when she annouced “I’m in the till”.

Pretending to have misheard her I said “Did you say you are on the pill?

This generated hilarity from the customer and a few excuses from Sam.

A customer was having a look aound the shop for a gift and she spied a washbag with a frog photo on it. For some reaon she shouted “ A frog!” at which point Sam squealed as she has a phobia about frogs.

“Calm down” I said to Sam, “she only saw the image on the washbag , it’s not a real frog that hopped into the shop”

An insect thing was in the window and it looked like a wasp so I was ready to splat it.

Lynn spoke up and said it was a honey bee so I endeavored to catch it.

After a while with my bee catcher and trying not to squash a few legs I caught the Honey Bee and released to the world.


We were as normal on Monday working out what we should have for dinner.

I said “shall I get the bass out?”

To which a customer replied “That reminds me when we used to get the ‘bath out’ , the tin bath out in front of the fire when the girls bathed first before the boys.

The customer then told us about someone she knew who had a twin tub (ask mum!) and she used to save all the washing up pots for the week and then put them in twin tub to clean after doing the washing. Clean ?

My friend in Turkey has been trying to catch a fish for months and today he managed to do it so I got a facebook thingeymebob to prove it.


In just over four weeks I will show him how to do it for real.

Tonight we had a Bampton Business group meeting.

The meeting took about an hour. The social drinking after the meeting took a couple of hours!

I will explain in detail at a later date that the business group has sorted out funds for a Bampton Heritage site. 

It is hoped that this will encourage more people to stop in Bampton.

We need a bit more cash to finalise the deal so a Quiz night has been arranged to top up the funds.


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