Wednesday 12th September


Rumour and gossip continues in Bampton with regard to what is happenning with the council.

I was given a letter, written by the majority of those that resigned, to display in the window.


One of the remaining councillors then came in to book a room in the Riverside Hall for an emergency meeting so that urgent issues can be addressed.

As we take bookings for the Hall we get to know plenty that is going on!

A cyclist came in this morning and asked my other half if we sold strips of elastoplasts.

I looked away just in case he was bleeding.

During the morning we could hear the church bells.

Someone asked why the bells were ringing.

I replied “ Someone is pulling that rope thing that’s attached”

There is an answer for every question.

What is the worst sweet to sell after a night on the juice?

‘Aniseed Balls’ –  as they don’t half make a noise when you tip them onto the scales.

And an even louder noise when you tip the sweetjar back to upright.

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One Response to Wednesday 12th September

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Couldn’t the current council just meet in a telephone box and save the cost of hiring the Riverside room?

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