Thursday 13th September

I reviewed my statistics on my blog and found that the following searches dicovered me,,

bampton cricket team 2
where is bampton,yorkshire 1

We have no cicket team and I wish I was in Yorkshire.

Today the Camra 2013 Good Beer Guide was released and I got a tweet from the Shoulder of Mutton in Wantage to celebrate the fact that they have been named the best pub in Central Southern England.

I congratulated them via twitter and was happy to receive a reply that mentioned my name so I’m looking forward to going back.

An update on the council….

If you check the replies to my blog you may have seen that Steve suggested that the Bampton Town Council meetings take place in the BT phone box due to the lack of numbers.

If I get a few minutes tomorrow (as I might as Somerset won in 3 days of a 4 day match and screwed my day off) I might dash up the road and photo the phone box.

A chap came in and asked for 12 Aniseed balls.

Fine, we said hesitantly as we sell them in quarters or 100 grammes.

12 balls cost 16 pence but he offered 20 pence.

“Do you eat one a month?” I asked.

“No, I am buying them to get rid of Moles as I have been told by a farmer that this is the thing to do.

I did Google it and found nothing.

I put up advert for a house let and it did cause some hilarity.


The word looks like ROUGH to me,

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2 Responses to Thursday 13th September

  1. Bill says:

    Bruce, a correction to your latest re the Mutton. It is not it’s 1st entry in th guide; it is a regular. The key news was: Announced today! Shoulder of Mutton is CAMRA’s Regional Pub of the Year! According to CAMRA, we’re the best pub in Oxon, Berks & Bucks. This means it goes fwd o the nationals now


    • Bruce Benton says:

      Oops. It was late and I had been to the pub.

      I must of got muddled in the excitement

      Regards Bruce

      Sent from my iPhone Twitter @BamptonPO Blog

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