Friday 14th September


The major excitement today was the fact that the electricity went off for about 3 hours in half of Bampton.

Luckily ours stayed on but lunch time was not a good to lose electricity in the Fish & Chip shop and the Toucan bistro (sorry – sandwiches only).

Strangely this evening we are going to the Toucan for a Fondue evening where we could manage to cook without electric.

My mother is staying with us at the moment and I couldn’t find her in the house so when I came in the shop I announced “I have lost mother”.

It prompted a customer to relate a story about her sister’s mother-in-law who came to stay and she couldn’t find her glass eye one morning.

After frantic searching it was found under the bed covered in fluff.

A young lady came in and asked to photocopy a poster as the dog she was looking after had wandered off.


She took away 100 copies of the poster to spread around the area.

I found out that the last surface posting dates to Australia & New Zealand is before the end of September.


It was good excuse to put some Christmas cards out on the shelf.

If anyone complains it is too early we just tell them that customers with friends and relatives in Australasia have asked if we have any.

The good news was that during the day I managed to download the new Camra Good Beer Guide app for my phone.


They promised it for the 13th but Apple had not released it in time.

Wherever I am in the UK I can find the nearest pub with good real ale.

I am hoping to try it out on Saturday when I go to watch football at Exeter.

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