Saturday 15th September


It was a typical Saturday morning in the shop as it was slow to start with as Bamptonians  tend to have a sleep in at the weekend.

Although saying that, a chap was waiting outside for over 20 minutes before we opened.

It can be quite slow some days but if you pop out to the kitchen to make a drink, in those few minutes a queue has formed.

The Fondue night at the Toucan was great.

When we get out our set we fill up the pot with oil and heat it up with a methylated spirit burner, stick in bits of meat and vegetables on forks to cook and that is it.

Last night we had several different types of Fondue.

We started with a cheese one to dip various things in, the main course had both a meat stock and a fish stock in which we cooked our food and we then finished off with a dessert sauce (a bit like a custard) to dip out fruit in as well.

During the morning a customer managed to leave her (it looks ladyish) walking stick on the counter and I couldn’t remember who came in with it.


Hopefully someone will collect it next week.

As we were going to Exeter in the afternoon we were preparing to close on time but as is the won’t a ditherer came in at 12:25 with a pile of unwrapped packages looking to work out how to send them, parcel them up, repackage when they were too heavy for sending abroad for a cheap price and then address them before even thinking about paying.

We had to lock her in the shop while we served her so nobody else wandered in.

And our bangers were getting blacker…..Mother was sorting out lunch for a quick getaway and we has booked sausage sandwiches for 12:31. We arrived in the kitchen at 12:45!

A quick change and then off with my football scarf to Exeter.


I parked in Princesshay and headed off to St James Park.

But first remember I had to use the new App on my phone.

GBG mobile…The Old Fire House was just behind the new (being constructed) John Lewis and not far out of my way to the football ground.

There was time for a quick pint of Harbour Amber which was poured straight from the barrel. Unfortunately it was not fit for my consumption as it was the end of the barrel so down the sink it went.

“Pint of the Harbour IPA then please” I said.

This was fine and dandy.

When I got to the ground I walked up to the only turnstile open to away supporters.

“Have you got a ticket sir?” I was asked.

“Of course not” I replied in a non-aggressive manner as would be expected at a football ground after alcohol had been consumed!

“If you go along to the Portakabin down there you can purchase a ticket”.

So I had to walk another 50 yards there and 50 yards back to pay to get in.

So what happened to gatemen?

Once in the ground I took my place at the front behind the goal and suddenly a chap is asking me “Are you going to cause trouble today?”

It was the official Exeter City photographer who sometimes comes into our shop.

It’s surprising where our customers pop up when I’m out and about.

Result 1-1  

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