Monday 17th September

It was hazy start to Monday in Bampton.

Staff and customers were suffering from last night’s Quiz at the Swan!

The quiz was to raise money for the Bampton Business Group.

The Group is applying for funds from the Mary Portas High Street Innovation Fund which is held by Mid Devon District Council and intended for projects which will increase footfall in high streets.

The money will be used to match funding for the Bampton application for brown tourism signs on the outskirts of the Bampton.

This will hopefully entice passers-by to stop in Bampton rather drive onto somewhere else.

There was a good turn out and it’s good to see the pub full of people getting on with each other and having an entertaining night.

Places like Bampton need to have pubs where people from all walks of life can gather and have a chat over a pint or three.

 I wish the government would realise that when they raise the duty on alcohol each year (as they do) the pubs find it harder to make a living as the customers buy cheap booze from the supermarket and drink at home.  

An older lady came in with a new handbag then spent five minutes trying to find her purse inside.

I think every new handbag some have an instruction brochure (in 27 languages) to explain all the nooks and crannies inside the bag. Each lady should then be made to take a test on using the bag before they are let loose into the community, especially shops.

Yesterday we had a run out to Yearlstone Vineyard which is only 15 minutes’ drive from Bampton.


You can have a wander around the vineyard, sample up to 6 different wines for £4 and there is café if you want a spot of lunch (with a full glass of wine).

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