Tuesday 18th September


An early start for some people this morning as this delivery lorry was outside at 7:30


A couple of electrical items were unpacked and delivered somewhere up the road.

A chap dashed in this morning and thrust a couple coin bags at me saying “Can you put these in your charity boxes please”.

We filtered out the Pesetas and coins from New Zealand and Singapore putting these in the ‘Blind’ box.

It’s not that they won’t be able to see what the coins are but it’s the fact that the collector has an arrangement with a travel agency to exchange coins.

There were euro/cents to the value of 3.75 so I swapped these for £2.70 as I can spend the euros in Paris next month.

We then picked out the drawing pin and the staple and it ended up with a total of £6.53 which we split into our collection boxes for Marie Curie Cancer Care, RNIB, Cancer Research, Devon Air Ambulance and the Hawk & Owl Trust.

One of the 2 pence pieces in the bags was this.


I can’t wait until the 20th February 2014.

It’s the day I can apply for my bus pass.


Later in the day a gentleman came in asking to collect proceeds from a Moneygram.

He is on holiday from New Zealand and someone had stolen his wallet containing his money and all of his debit and credit cards.

He immediately stopped his cards from being used and although his wallet was later handed in (less the cash) to the Police he had no access to money.

He phoned his insurance company who organised the collection of some money from the Post Office.

He was really grateful that we could give him some money so he could continue his holiday.

We were only doing our job.

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