Wednesday 19th September


Having vacuumed and tidied up first thing in the morning it’s good to start the day with the shop looking respectable.


So why is it that at 8:32 the floor looks like a mess after a customer troops in and spreads dirt all over the covering?

Just before 11 o’clock the coach stopped to pick up the first lot of the over 60’s on their day trip to Sidmouth & Exmouth.


The weather was good today here In Bampton so hopefully their day out was as good.

Do you remember the story from last week about the chap who bought some Aniseed Balls to get rid of his moles?

Well its working and he came in today to buy some more.

A stranger came waltzing in the shop today followed by his sheepdog, it wasn’t on a lead.

I said “Sorry, no dogs in the shop please”.

He went back out of the shop and his dog followed.

He told it to stay outside but when he came in so did the dog.

Several attempts later he gave up and the dog came in as well!

What can you do apart from try to serve him quickly so he goes away?

Some people don’t have a clue what is expected.  

I thought dogs were supposed to be on a lead all the time in public.

Late this evening the minutes from the extraordinary Bampton Parish Council Meeting were available on the Bampton website.


If you study them closely you can see that the meeting started at 7:30 and finished at 7:35.


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