Thursday 20th September



Ho Ho Ho, we sold one of the ‘Happy Christmas to the Dog’ cards today.

Sydney the cat, you wouldn’t think butter would melt in his mouth, would you?


Well he’s a vicious Syd and thinks nothing of giving you a bite or a scratch.

Syd was in the dog house on Monday night as he gave my other half a harder than normal bite and as she pushed him away he managed to knock over a full cup of strong black coffee all over our light coloured carpet in the front room.

Despite soaking up the coffee and then using a carpet cleaner it still looked a mess and thoughts turned to thinking where the insurance policy was.

As a last resort her indoors googled carpet cleaning specialists in the area and found a chap who reckoned he could sort it out.


He turned up with his magic machine and half an hour later it looked a hell of a lot better.

There is still a lingering smell like a ladies hairdressers and the carpet seems cleaner but we are still waiting for it to dry out.

An expensive cup of coffee though!

This van parked outside this afternoon and it was a brighter than bright yellow.


The driver disappeared up Mary Lane, presumably to speak with the people planning to move in or out.

His biggest test looked to be whether any lorries/vans can actually get up Mary Lane so he got out his tape to measure the width.


A customer came in and said he had been away on holiday with his wife in Cornwall and was having a great time and as the weather has been good they were invited to stay on a bit longer.

They wanted to but they did not have further supplies of their daily medication with them.

Both he and his wife have a daily menu of tablets and they never thought of taking extra days supplies just in case they stayed longer.

Please remember this for future reference.

A got a tweet this afternoon saying the Swan were having a Thursday night promotion of Fish & Chips and a beer or wine for a tenner.

As mother won a £20 voucher in the raffle at the quiz night on Sunday night and she loves F&C’s it was too good an opportunity to miss.

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