Friday 21st September


I spied a police car driving slowly down Brook Street at lunchtime and the driver particularly looked at the one car that was double parked.

Normally Police drive straight through Bampton and don’t worry about the double parking so I was suspicious of his movements.

I knew who owned the car and a quick word with the people in the shop alerted me to the fact that the driver was in the fruit & veg shop.

I dashed up to the F&V and as I did I noticed that the police car had turned around at the top of the street and was heading back.

I told the driver to hurry up being served and she got into her car before the policeman got there.

He asked her to wind down her window and he told her ‘it’s inappropriate to park here’.

It was all very strange as it wasn’t a policeman we recognised and the street wasn’t even busy.

A gentleman came in later in the day and told me that he had discovered my blog having been alerted by a friend of his.

He said that he would be careful what he said in future when he came into the shop!

My other half runs the Bampton Drama Group which is for 6 to 16 year olds.

The children have their own productions during the year and they often are involved in the Pantomime.

The new school year has started and a few of the children have moved onto to other things so she is recruiting at the moment.

She has put up posters to advertise for new recruits.


Tonight on CBBC one of her group appeared on TV for the first time.

Filming took place in the school holidays and the ‘Dick and Dom’s Hoopla!’ series started tonight


Let’s hope the young chap goes onto to bigger and better things in the future.

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