Saturday 22nd September

 A rather loud gentleman came in this morning with a rather large parcel that his wife had sent him to post.

He was all smiley till I said “You have to pay for that one, sir”.

He wasn’t happy.

“That will be £8.80 please”.

He was more unhappy.

“No wonder SHE sent me to do this” he grumbled loudly.

“Here is your proof of posting and here is a receipt so you can claim it back” I advised him.

He marked the receipt PAID BY DAVE.

He was still chuntering as he left the shop.

A lady came in to return some shoes, however she had not sealed the package as she wanted to show my other half them first.

The both have a thing about Fitflops so they compare notes on what styles they have bought or tried.

Even I have some fitflops now.

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