Sunday Lunchtime Pint?


If you remember a couple of weeks ago, my mother played a blinder by giving me some bottles of beer from a couple of breweries close to where she lives.

They were all good but I did like those from the Pheasantry Brewery so as I couldn’t cut the lawn this morning because it was chucking it down, I thought maybe a lunchtime pint was the order of the day.

Bing maps reckoned on a 500 mile round trip but I thought it would probably be worth it to try a draught pint as that would be even better than the bottled beer.

I set off from soggy Bampton about 9:45, stopping for a shot of caffeine at DRY Tamworth services.


Ariving at the services about 1pm having crawled up the M5 , very slowly through junctions 5-6-7 as tailbacks due to 40m.p.h. through roadworks.

Arriving at the Brewery about 2pm, the good news was….


…it’s open!

A pint of the PA (Pale Ale) was requested and it was wonderful.

Brewed from Maris Otter Malt, Pheasantry Pale Ale is a pale coloured smooth tasting beer. The blend of hops added during the brewing process gives this 4% ABV ale floral and citrusy notes with a dry finish.

As I was driving, I only had the one pint of course and also thought I had better eat something to soak up the ale.

A braised Lamb Shank was selected from the menu and this was easily disposed of.


I spotted some others who had tasted the beer taking home a carry out.


A barrel full!

I just settled for 3 dozen bottles which were duly paid for, loaded in the car and brought back to Bampton.

The M1 was slow going….in the traffic management system stretch it was stop start for 20 miles but when we got back to sorting ourselves out it was back to steaming down the motorway!

I gambled on the 40mph section of the M5 being clear at 7pm, which it was, so apart from it raining most of the way it was a good trip and I was back in Bampton by 9:30pm.

I might have to open a bottle now as I’m thirsty just writing about it.

Of nearly forgot, I did drop my mum back home during the trip.

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