Monday 24th September


One of our older, regular Monday morning customers still does not know his pin number and has to get his bit of paper out to remind him.

We have only had the chip and pin machines for over 9 years so that’s 9 X 52 times he has done it and he still can’t remember the number. Maybe he ought to change his number to one he can remember!

A local worker came in today all bronzed from his holiday in Mauritius.

While he was away he had organised a ‘proposal event’, a romantic boat trip, where he popped the question.

I knew before he went but daren’t say just in case his chosen one read the blog.

She did say yes thank goodness.

A chap came in to buy some euros and before he left he asked “I’m doing the Times crossword and do you know what the old currency for Brazil was?”

“It doesn’t spring to mind but I do have a bible of acceptable currency notes so I will check”

According to the book it says that ‘Cruzeiro’ was the currency years ago and I think that fitted into his crossword. Another task sorted out at the post office, another unpaid transaction!

The Bampton Fair flag was hoisted today in anticipation of Bampton Charter Fair which will be held on Thursday October 25th.


During the day the conversation came around to “What happened to the ducks?”

In our early days in the Post office there were ducks that lived down near the bridge over the river in Brook Street. You would often see them waddle down the street past the shop and even head for the Fruit & veg to sample a few grapes. A couple of years ago they just disappeared and nobody really knows what happened.

There are some theories – the lady at Duck cottage moved away and she may have taken the ducks with her. Did the builders further down the river at Scotts start to feed the ducks and therefore entice them away – it’s a mystery but if you know please enlighten me.

Late in the day we had a scary moment….


It was only Robbie getting ready for Halloween.



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