Thursday 27th September


Western Power chaps turned up this morning with their Cherry Picker to put up the Bampton Charter Fair banner across the road.

We didn’t have the banner but after few phone calls we tracked it down and the chaps got into action.


Four weeks today will be Fair day, hopefully a dry day.

Later in the morning a chap came in to ask if we knew the whereabouts of one of our previous members of staff as he had found a dog running about in the road and he thought it was her dog.

We explained that she had moved out of Bampton a couple of months ago and the dog was too young anyway.

He left me a number to call if someone asks about a lost dog He said it was a Patterdale terrier type.


He hopes someone comes forward but if not he would take it on if necessary as he quite liked the dog.

Checking the telegraph obituary page on my phone I saw that Andy Williams has died.

My favourite song of his is

But not quite up to the original.

A friend of ours came in this afternoon to buy some premium bonds and he paid with his debit card.

He said “That’s the first time I’ve ever used a debit card”.

How has he got away with that for so long?


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