Wednesday 26th September


A customer was relating a story to my other half about her husband’s reluctance to go and see the doctor.

If he did go he would only see the same MALE doctor.

The last time he went was about six months ago.

After an examination by the doctor he was told “I’m sorry, but you won’t see me again”.

The patient, fearing the worst, asked why.

“Because I am retiring”.

Sighs of relief all around.

About 8:45 someone popped their head round the door and asked “Are you open?”

“Yes, I replied”

“I wasn’t sure whether you opened until 9 o’clock”.

“It’s eight thirty, like it says on the door and has been for the past nine and a half years!”

Some customers still check to see if we close for lunch – again we haven’t for 9 and half years.

And we don’t have an early closing day before you ask.

We had a few heavy showers today and poor Blossom was left outside shivering while the owner was inside the shop, in the dry, merrily chatting away to my other half about the Pantomime.


Evidently ‘M O H’ (get it?) is too small to play a dwarf!

It’s a tad theatrical at the moment as the Bampton Players have a production next week. It’s an Alan Ayckbourn comedy.


The Quarryman’s rest are putting on a pre-theatre dinner so one might believe we are in the West End.


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