Friday 28th september


Some days spring up a surprise.

Today, for example, one of our older customers brought this in.


She had found an old Post Office Savings Book and came in to see if she can claim the money.

As you can see from the entries the account was opened in 1955 with five shillings.


Subsequent deposits of twelve shillings and six pence (6D) and then fifteen shillings were logged.

Interesting to note that there is no running total.

Several phones calls were made to the Post Office service desk and then National Savings before we found someone to help and I believe a form is to be put the post to close the account.

I understand that if you have over one pound in these accounts then it should qualify for interest so watch this space for an update.

I got a copy of the HALDON brochure in the post today (in fact I got two copies for some reason).


It’s a publication to promote Exeter Racecourse.

A chap came in to post his Christmas cards (to UK addresses) as he said he was going away.

“Anywhere nice” he was asked.

“Tenerife for seven months, it’s cheaper than a flu jab”.

Someone came in to charge up their electric key.

“Do you charge up EDF? I ‘m here because the power has gone off at Spar”

“Sorry, we do them all except for EDF”

I continued “Even if we could charge it, your electricity is off anyway, so you may as well wait till Spar is operational again”.


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