Saturday 29th September


Do you have a pet Snake, Lizard or Tortoise?

Well if you have it could be your lucky day.

I put this advertisement in the window this morning.


So if you need some cuttlefish (I think it means cuttlefish bone) for your charming little pet then hurry up and collect it as it expires (?) in February.

An excellent source of calcium, it also helps to keep your tortoises and other reptiles beaks under control.

The fish itself is an ugly bugger.


I only spent an hour in the shop this morning as I had to make a round trip to Aldershot to see my football team be victorious.

On entering the ground, via a nice walk through the park, the stewards check you are not taking in anything untoward.

I spotted a couple of items that failed the test and had to be left outside, hopefully for collection later.


A bottle of ‘Arrogant Bastard Ale’ and a pack of Mach 2 razors!

The strong Ale (7.2%) is brewed in the US (thank you Google).

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