Monday 1st October


The Bampton Box Office is extremely busy at the moment.

We are not only selling tickets for the Bampton Players Ayckbourn production this week but we are also selling tickets for a Murder Mystery supper in aid of Huntsham Church Roof Fund and the village hall.


It says on the invite ‘come dressed to kill’.


‘Dressed to Kill’ – As I will be back looking tanned from my holiday I think wearing a rucksack might qualify.

One customer came in today and drew out £50 but by the time she had bought tickets for the play and the MM supper she had spent it so she had to draw some more money out!

All good for business

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I saw the bright yellow van?

If not, shame on you!

Well, the yellow van was from a removal company and the chap was sizing up the job including measuring Mary Lane.

Today a fleet of, yes, yellow removal vans turned up in convoy.


Not one great big lorry but three vans about Mary Lane size.

After the 3 vans parked outside the PO, the removal chaps went for a recce to see what they were up against (I think they were going to Church terrace but don’t mention this to my other half).

The first one then set off to up Mary Lane.


He got in then after a few minutes he came back out.

They abandoned the idea of driving the vans up the lane and had to summon a smaller van to assist.

The poor chaps then had to decant the 3 vans into the smaller van which then ferried the stuff up to Church Terrace.


I bet the chaps were really pleased that the guy who sized the job had a short tape measure.

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