Tuesday 2nd October


Zumba is coming to Bampton. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zumba


It looks like a bit of hard work to me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BILiNvLA-lo  .

Zumba followed by a visit to the Quarryman’s Rest might the ideal Tuesday night.

During the morning a couple of good looking young ladies (Sorry Sir Jim they weren’t that young) came in dressed in police uniforms. My immediate thought was Miss Birthday and Miss Christmas but as it isn’t my birthday and its 84 sleeps to Christmas I soon realised they were our local police ladies.

They brought in posters for Halloween.

One a general safety poster – check out the one that says if you are wearing a mask don’t trip over!


The second posters are for those that poo-poo Halloween and don’t want trick or treaters knocking on their bell or ringing their door!


Good news, good news – the dog that was found running about on the road has been claimed ‘by a loud chap up around the corner’ evidently.

Had a strange phone call today, “Hello, I have not received any mail for several days and I’m expecting an important letter requesting a payment.”

As I don’t work for the Royal Mail and not responsible for postal deliveries I replied “Sorry, it’s not something I deal with, where are you phoning from?”

“Tiverton” came the reply.

Why they think Bampton Post Office has any  idea about mail delivery in Tiverton is beyond me.

I gave her the Tiverton delivery office number and suggested she gave them a call.

I was checking out my statistics for my blog and it has some interesting ways people searches have ended up with my blog-

eoghan o’neill racing


gaudi tram


martin lewis cold callers sign


I have mentioned them in the past but it’s probably a bit of a shock for those expecting to find what they were searching for when they get my ramblings!

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