Wednesday 3rd October


Opening up the shop this morning I found a big surprise waiting for me on the pavement.

A horrible surprise, a big pile of dog sh*t.

Not the best of jobs first thing in the morning to wash it away.

I didn’t really want to and shouldn’t have to do it but if I didn’t then the customers would no doubt tread in it then trample it all in the carpets in the shop – a worse job to clean up.

If I catch someone letting their dog mess outside there will not only be a photo for the blog but also a photo for the court.

It was quite apt this morning that as I read the Gazette there was an article about stiffer penalties for dog owners that cannot control their pooches.

The Bampton Parish Council meeting, scheduled for last night had to be postponed to a later date as there were only 2 councillors that could attend. 

The person on holiday will be joined by the winner of the next election at the rearranged meeting later in the month.

A lady came in to post a parcel being concerned it would cost her a lot.

Her daughter has just gone to University and as she was used to living in the country (deepest darkest Brushford) she was finding it difficult to sleep as it was too bright outside in the big city.

Thicker, darker curtains were in the parcel to solve the problem.

“Eight pounds, eighty pence please” I said, “Although you could have bought her a Sleep Mask which would have been cheaper”.

It must be time to go for a road widening scheme for Bampton.

You only need to demolish a few houses in order to make Mary Lane more accessible.

An oil delivery was attempted (and aborted) today.


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