Thursday 4th October


Bad news, bad news, the value of my autograph book has plummeted in the last week.


As more of them die the value goes up but bad press really is not good.

A regular came in this morning suggesting I dash outside and photograph the rainbow for the blog but before I got there it had disappeared.

When I returned to the shop he was inside quoting poetry as it was supposedly ‘Poetry Day’.


We are going to the Bampton Players production this evening.

Preview photos of the Ayckbourn production are on the Bampton website.

More Box Office work to do as we now have two sets of tickets for the ‘After the Fair ‘event following Bampton Charter Fair.


And speaking about Bampton Fair we were given a poster to display today to advertise the event.


Another poster given to us today was for ‘Marrow Sunday’ – what the heck is that you may ask?

Just check out the poster for the excitement involved.


I got this joke via email today and thought it was worth sharing.

 A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known heart surgeon in his shop.
The surgeon was there, waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike.
The mechanic shouted across the garage, “Hey, Doc, can I ask you a question?”
The surgeon a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, “So Doc, look at this engine.

I open its heart, take the valves out, fix ’em, put ’em back in, and when I finish, it works just like new.

So how come I get such a small salary and you get the really big bucks, when you and I are doing basically the same work?”
The surgeon paused, smiled and leaned over, and whispered to the mechanic… 
“Try doing it with the engine running”.

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