It’s very worr…

It’s very worrying when you are 1800 miles away from home and you seepictures of flooding in your street via Twitter and Steves blog .

We are crossing fingers.

On the other hand I had an opposite problem today here in Turkey.

I was listening to music on my phone and when  Linda asked what I wanted for lunch I didn’t hear her.

My other half launched her flip flop at me and I sat up to see what washappening so I sorted out my lunch order.

Back to the music when suddenly something strange happened.

Themusic suddenly stopped and as I looked up  Steve was about to ask if I wanted a beer with lunch.   Is the Pope catholic?

The song that suddenly stopped was ‘The sun ain’t gonna shine any more’ by the Walker Brothers. 

I looked at my phone and it said ‘Alert- temperature too high’ 


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One Response to It’s very worr…

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Has Turkey moved nearer overnight then Bruce?

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