Friday 12th October

The joy of a holiday is that I can have a lie in.

I don’t have to set the alarm for 6:15 as I normally have to do 6 days a week.

I appeared for breakfast about 10 o’clock and had porridge , fresh local bread and marmalade  from Bampton Butchers.

Thethermometer on the table registered 30 degrees .

After breakfast the factor 30 was applied and I laid next to the pool until 5pm only interrupted by a 30 minute swim, the pool being only 23 degrees so it seemed chilly as I gingerlyentered the water via the steps, and the arrival of lunch.

It’s a hard life!

I had to find out the result of the Bampton election for myself as Twitter and the Bampton website did not provide the information .

Rodney Baker has joined the council so as long as he and the other 3 don’t go sick they can have a meeting next week.




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