Saturday 13th October


One of the joys of a holiday is setting the alarm clock to make sure you do not miss out on a boat trip!
So it was an early start today as we had to be on board by 9am (which is equivalent to 7am in English money).
A group of 12 people, linked together by knowing someone else on the boat set off on the high seas.


The flags were fluttering in the breeze.
The sun was out and soon we found a sheltered bay for our first stop.
Time for a dip – the sea temperature being the same as the pool yesterday – although there was not only us in the sea.

A few bread rolls tossed into the water marked the invasion of shoals of fish which was great for those
dangling their rods over the side but a bit disconcerting for those having a swim.
Anchor up and away to our next stop for another swim and a tremendous lunch.

All the food, about a dozen different dishes was prepared on board and we did our best to eat it all. All washed down with beer and wine.

Is this a man or a buoy?

Onwards again to another bay, swimming optional before another bay was sought out to swim and then eat cake accompanied by a coffee.

These chaps were replacing a roof – who needs scaffolding?Image



The plates were cleared and we all played a game to win a share of many prizes( small and insignificant items they may have been but the game was a bit of fun).
Back to park the boat or whatever is the nautical term for that as we returned across Fethiye BayImage


and to say goodbye to new friends. Some even came from Devon!
And the cost of the days boat trip including lunch a mere £12.
The bar bill for 3 wines, a beer, 2 coffees was less than a tenner.

Thank goodness Turkey has not got the euro.

The weather is looking good for the next few days.



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