Monday 15th October


A visit to Fethiye was the order of the day. Our friends had to sort out something with their telephone and broadband provider so they didn’t switch it off and prevent me updating the blog! We also wanted to book another boat trip for later in the week on our favourite boat ‘Popeye’ which we have been on for the past 10 years. We took the Dolmus which costs about 70pence for the 6 mile trip. You signal to the bus as it comes and the driver stops wherever you want him to.

You hop on and pass your money down the bus to the driver via the other passengers. In Fethiye we went to look at one of the areas being developed near to the harbour.

They are putting in fountains and gardens with lots if topiary.

Here’s a photo of a windsurfer. Image

On the walk around the harbour to find Popeye we went by a nice fish restaurant we have frequented before but looking up at the houses above I think the earthquake earlier in the year has had an impact on them. Look how they lean onto each other.Image

We walked on and Popeye’s owner came cycling towards us so he stopped for a chat and we booked the trip for Wednesday. After a bit of shopping we went to lunch. Chicken, rice, salad, chips and bread all for 5 lira- less than £2!

On the way back to the Dolmus we passed the Post Office.


It didn’t look busy for Monday. Back to base for sunbathing and a swim before a couple of G&T’s then out for a meal. Once the meal is ordered we are given free Lavash ,

a bread that puffs up like a balloon. It is served with a garlic butter and a tomato/chilli paste. Image


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