Wednesday 17th October


We set off on Popeye at 10:30. We waited at the jetty for the boat to arrive and while we there one boat came to collect some workman going to the island. They had pipes, lagging and tool boxes to load on to the boat as they commuted to work . Another boat then docked at the jetty and it was full of rubble.

Women were shovelling the stones and bricks into wheelbarrows and taking it ashore.


A couple of chaps did help!

Image Then Popeye loomed up and we scrambled aboard and found a couple of mattresses to stretch out as we set off on the tour of the islands. It was a beautiful day as we set off for rabbit island (no rabbits ), devil island(no devils), flat island(has hills with a great view),


red island( a bit red, but has rabbits!).


As we ventured on we passed others also out for a sail around.

If you have a boat why would you base it in the UK?Image

A nice lunch of fish, chicken, pasta( not for me), potato, salad, bread with beers and wine was taken.

After lunch the sails were put up and we quietly raced across the bay to the next island.


Swimming in warm sea a few times was also tremendous. A brilliant day for only £12.

We got back in time to freshen up then head back to the Hotel Mutlu to watch the football after our abortive attempt last night.

I was sat watching the footy in my shorts in the warmth of the evening


and over my shoulder the sun was setting.


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