Monday 22nd October

Having gone to bed at 4am we needed to sleep so we had not planned on starting work till lunchtime.

I slept quite well until about nine I could hear the shop door opening and closing as customers came in.

About nine o’clock I could hear the dulcet tones of Ian Buchanan out in the street.

I think he was using his Olympic Torch as a load hailer.

I got an email from our friends in Turkey

“Glad you got home safely – the thunder started around 2.30am with torrential rain – a very noisy and wet night which has left the pool overflowing and the garden flooded. You left just in time you lucky people. I’m wearing a sweatshirt at the moment (still got shorts on though).”

I think we did time our departure accurately!

Back into the shop and the usual day to day events

A car alarm was going off and a customer spoke up “I set the alarm but the dog is in the car”.

“Did you not tell it to sit still” I replied.

I looked out the window and a chap went past riding a quad bike side saddle.

After work feet up (NOT), we went out for a leaving drink with a friend of ours who is moving up to Lincolnshire.

Did I say A drink?

It was nice to get back to British real ale and four pints slipped down easily at the Quarryman’s Rest.

We headed home to catch up with Corrie on the Sky+, only about four hours to watch.

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