Sunday 21st October


Our last day of the holiday so we were up a bit earlier as we were going to the market to stock up with Turkish Delight and nuts etc.


We purchased plenty of delight, Turkish style and some pressies 

The weather must have known we were going as the sun was a bit shy, hiding behind the clouds.

See the pool? 


Steve has just mowed all the lawns and tomorrow the pool will be emptied.

The chap with the pile of soil was not putting his heart into it.


The soil arrived before we did and he has only done two thirds of it. … Rain due tomorrow.

After our 13th and last game of cards (contract whist) we were collected by the Resort Hopper and whisked off to the airport.

We were dropped off at Dalaman airport, no problem here like in Paris a couple of weeks ago but in England recently both in Exeter and Bristol they charge at least a £1 to go into the drop off area.

Rip off Britain!

Home before 4am – up for work soon!

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2 Responses to Sunday 21st October

  1. turkischland says:

    Reblogged this on turkischland.

  2. sedge808 says:

    Turkish Delight. How yummy!

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