Wednesday 24th October

A full day’s work was on the agenda this morning.

This was a shock to the system as having only worked one full day since the 4th of October.

It is Bampton Fair tomorrow and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed hoping the rain keeps away.

Tomorrow morning the street will look completely different to first thing this morning.


We are asked to clear the street of cars by 4pm and traders are asked not to turn up to set up before 5pm but both of these times are a bit loose.

For the first time in years (if ever), Bampton Fair is not happening in half-term week so a bit of a dilemma for parents.

“Shall I make my child go to school or not?”

Some of the children from Bampton Primary are on a residential course this week so not an issue there but what about the rest.

As some of the roads are closed tomorrow the school run will not be as straight forward as normal so will parents bother?

For the older kids that go to Tiverton High the transport arrangements are more interesting.

Normally the majority of the kids are picked up by coach outside of the Post office but as our street is closed the plan is pick up at ‘Scotts’ which is a good half mile away.

But on the way home they are being dropped off at the Exeter Inn which is well over a mile away.

I can see lots of them giving school a miss tomorrow.

We will be closed as it’s too much hassle to stay open.

If we stay open we are expected to pay to keep the area of our shop free of stalls and also pay a toll to the ‘Lord of the Manor’…blooming cheek.

As it is very busy we would have difficulty keeping an eye on all the extra customers coming into the shop and I reckon our stock loss would be quite high.

Also if it rains we would have loads of people coming in ‘for a look’ (for shelter) and the place would be awash with hours of cleaning for me.

The ‘Tolly’ has also informed the butcher next door he cannot cook his own sausages and burgers outside his own shop as it may upset the other burger van business here for the day.

While I was out yesterday afternoon we had a visit from a supplier we met at a trade show in Torquay a few years ago.

We asked him to call as we liked the look of his ceramics and he said he would call round with his van to sell us some pieces.

Well, four years on, he dropped in!

So this morning we had some nice bright ceramics on the shelf.

Here is a photograph of a couple of the pieces.


I tweeted the photo this morning under the title ‘Nice pair of jugs’.

I got a few replies, one particular favourite saying “That’s one of my favourite sayings!”

As we closed at 5:30 the street was getting closer to being cleared of cars and some of the stall holders were already setting up.


I presume the sooner they get set up the sooner they can get into the pub.


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