Bampton Fair Day – Last Thursday in October


As it was an unofficial day off today due to Bampton Fair I did not set the alarm.


On venturing out to get my paper from Costcutter this was the view from my front door.


Left                                                                                        Right










The weather was fine this morning and there seemed to quite a few people about despite it not being half term.

We went for a wander about one o’clock to find something for our lunch.

 It takes a while to walk around as we met lots of people we knew stopping for a chat along the way. 

These musicians went by playing as they went along the street.


They got plenty of publicity as they appeared on the local evening news on both BBC and ITV.

We finally decided on lunch – veggie Tortillas.

I had the vegetable curry with ginger and mint yogurt while my other half had the mexican bean and salad with chilli and sour cream.

I am glad we took them back home to eat as it was tricky (and very messy) to eat.


It did start to drizzle about two thirty and it gradually got worse as the day progressed which spoiled the day a bit for those wandering the streets.


The damp was probably better news for the cider bar and the pubs.


These three photos from our bedroom window show how Brook Street was taken over for the day.


Early evening as some of the stalls were packing away there was a heated exchange in the street outside.


As I went to see what was happening outside a police car, then a police van appeared and after a few minutes at least one person was handcuffed and thrown into the back of the van.



I will try to find out what the problem was for you ( and that is the sole reason I will ask!).


The stall holders dwindled away, the last ones leaving by about 10pm.


The street now looks a mess (I have seen it worse) with rubbish left by all the traders.



But by 7am in the morning it will all be nice and tidy after the cleaning fairies have been.



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