Friday 26th October

After yesterday’s excitement Bampton slowly returned to normality.

The streets were cleaned up before the time I went for the morning paper.

When I pulled the blinds as we opened at 8:30 I had to have a second take of what was outside.


The SAAB was similar to mine but I knew I had I moved it away from Brook Street and I had not been to collect it.

We had a new recruit working for us today, Denise who worked for Bampton Butchers up to last Saturday.

It really confused the customers who came in the shop displaying various expressions, mostly smiley, as they spotted Denise behind the counter and this led to lots of banter:

Are you in the wrong shop or am I?

Pound of sausages please;

At least it’s warmer in here;

Us old folk can’t handle this;

Didn’t recognise you with clothes on; (she normally wore a white coat in the butchers).


Most of the talk today was about the fair.

An early customer said that were still a few people around as there were some ‘rough looking fair chaps’ having breakfast in Bawdens.

He was disappointed that due to the half term being next week that there were not as many children at the fair this year and he missed the sight of children walking about with inflatable hammers.

Steve put some photographs on his blog .

If you missed the ITV Westcountry news you can watch the report on the fair here

The Fair made the front page of the Western Morning news

although it was a different photograph of the actual paper.


I bought a ticket in the Exmoor Rotary raffle yesterday but forgot to go back to see if I won so when El Presidente of Rotary came in I asked him to check if I had won.


Result, although I don’t drink whisky (except Malt) but we have friends that do.

And especially for Rupert….

Evidently the chap who got taken away in the Police Van had a few too many and was looking to pick a fight. The Police were called and they told him to calm down and it would be okay.

Stupidly he wanted to be arrested so he head-butted a policeman and was immediately cuffed and slung in the back of the van.

Tonight is the start of the After the Fair event  which lasts until Sunday.

There is music in the pubs and concerts in the hall and whenever I looked out of the window there were musicians wandering from gig to gig with their instruments. I will try to get some snaps tomorrow.

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