Saturday 27th October

It was chilly start this morning and the customers were performing lots of shoulder shrugging as they came out of the cold into the warm shop.

Some customers also made accompanying noises along with the body shaking.

Check out what you when in a similar situation.

It’s the ‘After the Fair’ weekend and Bampton is awash with performers.

The Breton (from Brittany) musicians landed in town last night at 23:30 and these performers stay with some of our Bampton Twinning members.

So it was a late night for them as they had to have a few drinks in the pub first before heading to their digs for the weekend where they were no doubt offered several more drinks.

One of the Bretons came in early to buy some postcards and stamps from home and when he left the shop I said to my other half “He’s the chap who has got my silk tie”.

I took this picture later in the morning after he had just put his cards in the post-box.


You can he is French by his headgear!

Several years ago, on this corresponding weekend, we went to Wincanton Races with friends and as we were dining in the restaurant we dressed up for the occasion.

I put on my silk tie with racehorse motifs that my other half had bought for me as a present.

After the day at the races we returned to Bampton and went straight to the Swan to catch the last of the music as the Bretons were due to leave about 8:30 on their minibus to Plymouth to catch the ferry.

The Bretons were well oiled and we had drunk some wine at the races then a couple of pints in the pub and the chap in the photo took a liking to my tie.

In the spirit of Entente Cordiale I offered him my tie and he gave me something in return.


A tartan scarf!  Very French I thought.

I think he did better out of the deal.

Later in the morning musicians we going past the shop in all directions, a couple of guitar puckers here I think.


I did hear the Morris Dancers going by courtesy of their bells.



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