Monday 29th October

I went to Church yesterday.

At least it was for a Christening this time rather than my last few visits which were for funerals.

Grandson Reuben was christened yesterday in Bampton church.

The church was full as there were two christenings alongside the family service.

A family service means that noisy kids run up and down the aisles.

It was the usual stuff of prayers, hymns, notices, baby head wetting and money collecting.

The lady that handed around the collection bag (did someone break the plates?) is a customer of ours so as I left the church, as a joke, I asked her for a receipt for what had gone in the bag.

My question was overheard and as the earwigger did not realise what was happening my request was soon a talking point. “That chap over there has asked for a receipt for his donation”.

I don’t know why they don’t ask us to tick the box to gift aid it so the government chip in an extra percentage!

We all then tootled, in the rain, down to the Riverside Hall where ‘We’ fed and watered about 50 people.

I took a couple of snaps during the meal.

This one of a young chap who claimed it was his first experience of a chocolate fountain.


He did pay lots of visit to the table, first to chocolatise his fruit (his mum thought) but it might have been jelly babies or marshmallows.

And then the moment of actually enjoying the end result – bliss.


There was a little cheerful chappy called Joshua, not sure where he fits into the family relationships though.

He was a happy chappy who was getting involved with everyone and I took the opportunity to snap him with brother in law.


The caption reads, from the little one “This chap here reckons he is my identical twin, but he can’t be because I’ve got all the buttons on my waistcoat”.

 I got a tweet today and it identified a link to someone’s review of ‘After the Fair’ in Bampton over the weekend.

It contains some video of music from the pubs in town.

 And finally…please email your MP to ensure they attend the debate on the beer tax.

 We need to scrap the beer duty escalator as this will help to preserve the pubs in this country.

 The website will automatically generate the email to your MP so get on and do it, please.

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