Wednesday 30th October

The Bampton Charter Fair banner came down today.

It’s all over for another year and we are looking forward to Christmas, only 8 weeks today.


The chaps turned up with their cherry picker and took down the banner and they have left it with me as they did not know what to do with it.

Now I have to find out who can take it away to the store!

Maybe I have to ask a councillor if I can find one.

Do you remember the other week (28th September) when one of our customers came in with a Post Office Savings Book that they had found from 1955?

They had opened the account with five bob and had made two deposits of fifteen bob and twelve shillings and sixpence which is equivalent to one pound sixty two and half pence (£1.62.5) today.

The customer came in to show me the cheque she had received from the Post office – £4.42.

So in 57 years £1.62.5 became £4.42 which is something like 172% of interest.

Was it a good investment?

In those days, a gallon of petrol cost 22.5p (4s 6d in old money), and a pint of beer nine old pence and the average house price was £2,064.

Are we better or worse off nowadays?


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One Response to Wednesday 30th October

  1. Hi, great blog.
    That is a lot of interest to make. Just imagine if he had deposited in pounds.
    I think there’s little difference between what was paid back then and what we pay now. I think the value of things haven’t changed much, but with inflation it’s the price that has come up.
    Look at London as an example. Everything costs more in London, but you get paid more, so it balances out.
    Keep up the good posting.

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